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Sports Medicine - Glenn Cathey

Cathey-pageGlenn Cathey began seeing Dr. Ryan Fowler over three years ago when he was practicing in Temple and followed him when he began practicing at Coryell Medical Clinic in Gatesville. “I live in Temple, but its worth my time to make the drive over. I would drive to Dallas to if that what I needed to do to stay in Dr. Fowler’s care. I am 67 years old and I do not want any more surgeries. Dr. Fowler is the only physician I have seen that has worked with me, by using alternative methods like vitamin supplements, to keep my goal of avoiding surgery. He also does ultrasound guided needle injections and that gives me great pain relief. I know I am not any easy patient; I rode bulls all my young life and now I like to stay active outdoors canoeing, hiking, and camping. I am able to do all that by maintaining my appointments Dr. Fowler and following his customized plan of care for me,” said Mr. Cathey.