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Memory Care Unit

Alzheimer's CareOne wing of RehabLiving is operated as a separate and secure unit to meet the needs of residents with cognitive losses who are at risk for wandering. This specially designed area offers a comforting interior and an enclosed flower garden.

A structured day and environment is very comforting to most residents with cognitive losses and so routines are emphasized in the Memory Care Unit. Predictability eases the confusion and anxiety that memory loss can bring and the enclosed unit allows for wandering in a safe environment.

Alzheimer's CareLike the general area of The Meadows, both semi-private and private rooms are available, but the majority of the 29 rooms in this area are semi-private. No matter the type of room, each resident has their own window and closet and shares the full bathroom with one other resident. The one exception is a deluxe private room that has its own bath. You may view the floor plans here.


Activities are offered daily to invite social interaction and keep our residents entertained and active. These can include Bingo, musical performances, worship services, holiday celebrations, crafts, exercise, ice cream socials, and trivia time. See a sample activity calendar.

Alzheimer's CareAlzheimer's CareAlzheimer's CareAlzheimer's Care