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Orthopedics - Cecilia Petrie

“Dr. Humphreys took care of my grandson’s broken arm!”

“My 14 year old grandson is going to have surgery!” That is what Cecilia Petrie thought this past Labor Day Weekend when her grandson’s friend came to tell her Zane had fallen from his dirt bike and was injured. “After Zane wrecked his bike we knew something was really wrong with his arm.


He was in a lot of pain and the swelling wasn’t getting any better,” said Cecilia.  They took Zane for x-rays at Coryell Health where it was confirmed his wrist was broken. “My first thought was now we have to take him to Temple to see an orthopedist. That’s when we were told that Coryell Memorial now had a full time orthopedic surgeon! I was skeptical at first, because we have just always gone to Temple for things like this, but right off the bat, Dr. Humphreys made us feel at ease. Zane really liked him and we felt even better because he was very conscientious and wanted to avoid surgery as much as we did,” recalls Cecelia.  After six weeks Zane was out of a cast and is now back to his regular outdoor activities; hunting, fishing and is even back on his dirt bike! “We hope nothing happens again,” says Cecilia, “but now we know if it does, Dr. Humphreys will be there to take care of us!”