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Orthopedics - Joyce Pruitt

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Arthritis no longer slows down Pruitt after total knee replacement surgery at Coryell Memorial Hospital

The day after her total knee replacement surgery at Coryell Memorial, Joyce Pruitt, felt like a new woman.

"For years, I battled knee problems," Pruitt says. “I had been putting off having my knee replaced, but I finally couldn’t live with the pain anymore. I had been doing steroid and the rooster comb injections, but they just weren’t giving me any relief.”

Pruitt, a local business owner, and grandmother who loves to travel suffered from osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease in her knee.

Decision for surgery

After talking with her family, friends and physician, Aaron Humphreys, MD, Coryell Memorial orthopedic surgeon, Pruitt decided that her knee was so bad it couldn't become worse, and a total knee replacement was the best decision for her. She had her right knee replaced in April 2017.

After surgery, she went faithfully three times a week to physical therapy and also did exercises at home, and her knee is now very flexible. Getting back to her active lifestyle is one of the best benefits of the knee replacement surgery. “I was back at work at Pruitt’s Shell, part time, in less than a month and was able to travel to Aruba with friends. We went parasailing and had a blast. I would do the surgery again in a heartbeat,” says Pruitt.


Is this surgery right for you?

"Joint replacements are one of the best surgeries a person can have," Dr. Humphreys says. "They're 95 to 98 percent effective in relieving pain. When you reach a point and nothing else is helping, or you're in pain all, or most of the time, it's time to have the surgery."

"Mrs. Pruitt recovered beautifully from surgery, and her commitment to physical therapy was a huge factor in her success," Dr. Humphreys adds. "It has been gratifying to see the difference total knee replacement has made in her life."

Dr. Humphreys uses OrthoSensor’s advanced VERASENSE SENSOR-ASSISTED Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) technology during all his total knee replacements. VERASENSE is a wireless sensor-assisted technology that transmits data about your knee during surgery, which enables Dr. Humphreys to use that data about your unique knee, to customize implant positioning and improve soft tissue balance.

If you are experiencing joint pain, call Coryell Medical Clinic at 254-865-2166 and ask for Dr. Humphrey’s assistant, Mary Hooser, to learn more about the joint replacement program at Coryell Memorial.