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Welcome Assisted Living

Life Made Easier

1 WelBingoLife can present many challenges. The Welcome Assisted Living is here to help when those challenges require extra assistance to make the most of each day. The Welcome Program offers a secure, caring environment for persons who are unable at the present to fully take care of themselves due to infirmity, illness, disability, or injury. Some residents' needs may be met by simply having the staff there to look after them while others may need daily personal care, nursing services as needed, or assistance with special dietary requirements.

Whatever the need, our highly-trained staff is able to respond quickly and graciously. Treatment is personalized, and medical attention will be carried out according to the individual's or personal physician's instructions.

This unique private pay program is designed for those searching for quality residential healthcare placement or for those who are recovering from an illness or hospital stay. As long as the care is needed, the Welcome Program ensures that the resident will be safe, secure and receive countless hours of quality attention.

The Welcome Program is a beautiful addition to Coryell Health. Located just down the hall from the hospital, excellent acute care is readily available in addition to The Welcome's own nursing coverage.

Eula P. White Welcome ProgramThe Welcome Program offers quality living and loving care, plus the comfort of family and friends, the security of home, and dependable help with life's needs. When personal healthcare or short-term care is necessary for you or someone you love, please visit The Eula P. White Welcome Program and experience the welcome you deserve.