Clinic Scribe/ Transcription


Full Time:  8am - 5pm Monday thru Friday


Coryell Health Medical Clinic

Job Description:

Works under the direct supervision of the clinic physician or other physician as assigned. Provides direct assistance to the physician in non-direct care areas such as documentation, coordination, and time management. Assists other clinic staff as needed within scope of practice.
1. Accompany physician during patient interactions
2. Document patient history (medical, surgical, family, social), history of present illness, review of systems, medications, and allergies
3. Document physical exam findings
4. Document lab and radiology results
5. Keep track of chronology of patient care activities (consults, procedures, course of care, etc.)
6. Facilitate physician/patient interaction by reducing external distractions
7. Assist the physician as assigned

Job Qualifications:

1. High School Diploma or equivalent
2. Knowledge of Microsoft Office and patient care documentation programs
3. Good physical and mental health
4. Ability to work under pressure
5. Acute sense of responsibility, loyalty and dedication
6. Professional behavior
7. Good oral and written communication skills
8. Excellent customer service skills

How to Apply

Thank you for looking at our facility as a possible place for your future career path.
In addition to your resume, we also need an application completed with our organization.
Please download an application from the job posting. Save this to your desktop with a different file name. Then when you open that file from the desktop, you can use the Fill & Sign features.
Complete the application using Adobe or print it out and fill it all in as much as possible. You can then fax it, scan it to us or bring it to the hospital.
Make sure you give us (3) Three Personal References not related to you and phone numbers.
We will need contact information from your Previous Employers or supervisor and phone numbers.
Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Download PDF Application