RN House Supervisor – Med Surg – Full Time Nights $10,000 Bonus


Full Time:  7 pm to 7 am


Coryell Health Medical/Surgical Floor

Job Description:

RN House Supervisor $10,000 Sign on Bonus with one year commitment
SUMMARY: This is a middle management position for supervisory coverage of the Nursing Department, other patient care areas and the hospital in general during night shifts. Responsibilities require knowledge of hospital and nursing policies and procedures, allowing independent judgment in their interpretation. The nursing supervisor duties include provision of managerial and clinical links between the nurse manage and department direction in their absence, and the administrator-on-call. Additionally, this position will include knowledge of utilization review rules and regulations as they assist physicians and staff in assigning admission status
1. Promote the mission, vision, and the values of the organization
2. Assess patient care requirements on each unit, by making rounds in the Emergency Department (ED), Welcome/Oaks and all other areas of the hospital.
3. Assess the acuity of the care required by the patients
4. Develop and implement staffing plan for the shift based on patient acuity, patient census and available staff.
5. Serve as a resource to staff for solving clinical problems
6. Assist staff to efficiently utilize staffing resources to meet patient care requirements and other professional responsibilities
7. Provide for immediate follow-up, documentation and communication of incidents to appropriate manager and director.
8. Respond to emergency situations (CERT, CODE BLUE) and assists as necessary
9. Act as a resource in identifying and/or solving administrative/operational problems
10. Anticipate actual/potential problems that may occur on their shift and sets shift priorities accordingly.
11. Work collaboratively with nursing and ancillary staff to solve problems in a fair, consistent manner.
12. Contact representatives of departments not presently in the hospital for assistance with problem solving, timely and appropriately.
13. Report to administrator on call significant incidents and problems such as:
a. Unusual patient or family problems or concerns
b. Physician concerns
c. Borrowing or lending of major equipment
d. Major damage or utility outages
e. Security problems
f. Public relations or media events
g. Fire/Disaster/Bomb Threats
14. Obtain materials/supplies for Central Supply and or the Operating Room’s for patient care when these departments are not open
15. Provide support, guidance and feedback to staff
16. Give ongoing timely feedback, verbal and written anecdotes, to staff on performance. Written anecdotes are passed on to the nurse manager or director to be used as part of the performance evaluation
17. Contribute to evening, night and weekend staff performance evaluations
18. Facilitate staff attendance at staff development session offered during their shift
19. Identify and communicate staff needs for continuing education to the nurse manager
20. Assist staff to interpret change in a positive manner
21. Assist staff to provide a safe work environment for patient care
22. Assist in the preparation and implementation of the annual goals for the department
23. Keep professionally current, by attending continuing education programs, seminars, workshops
24. Consistently and independently, follows and established safety and infection control procedures. Intervenes in unsafe situations
25. Meet or exceed expectations of individuals for whom service is provided
26. Assist physicians and staff in admission criteria for assigning admission status to patients (observation/admission)
27. Monitor documentation for adherence to utilization rules and regulations
***Pay based on experience. Coryell Health pays shift differentials and offer incentives for float time.

Job Qualifications:

1. Licensed and currently registered as a Professional Nurse in the state of Texas or possesses temporary permit to practice professional nursing in the State of Texas while awaiting receipt of license.
2. Required to meet qualification criteria during hospital and nursing unit orientation periods.
3. Prefer three plus years of professional nursing experience in clinical setting.
4. Require current CPR (ACLS certification within one year) and must maintain without lapse.
5. Must have PALS within one year of employment and must maintain without lapse.
6. Must have basic EKG and/or arrhythmia course within six months of employment.
7. Must have basic computer knowledge.
8. May satisfy requirements with documentation from previous experience.
9. Supervisory experience preferred

How to Apply

Thank you for looking at our facility as a possible place for your future career path.
In addition to your resume, we also need an application completed with our organization.
Please download an application. Save this to your desktop with a different file name. Then when you open that file you can use the Fill & Sign features.
Complete the application using Adobe or print it out and fill it all in as much as possible.
Make sure you give us (3) Three Personal References not related to you and phone numbers.
We will need contact information from your Previous Employers or supervisor and phone numbers.
Please fax the application to us if you can’t save as a separate PDF to attach to an e-mail for us.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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