RN-LVN Wound Care and Treatment Nurse – FT


Full Time:  All shifts


RehabLiving at the Meadows

Job Description:

Summary: The primary purpose of your job position is to provide primary skin care to residents under the medical direction and supervision of the residents’ attending physicians, the Director of Nursing Services, or the Medical Director of the facility, with an emphasis on treatment and therapy of skin disorders. You will also assist in modifying the treatment regimen to meet the physical and psycho-social needs of the resident, in accordance with established medical practices and the requirements of this state and the policies and goals of this facility. As Treatment Nurse, you are delegated the administrative authority, responsibility, and accountability necessary for carrying out your assigned duties.

Job Qualifications:

Licensed RN or LVN

Job functions:
1. Confer with the Director of Nursing Services and/or other licensed nursing personnel regarding dermatologic disorders of residents in the facility.
2. Consult with the Care Planning Team concerning assessment evaluations and assist in planning and developing the skin care treatment to be performed for the resident.
3. Initiate requests for consultation or referral. Respond to requests from the resident, physician, or nursing staff.
4. Examine the resident and his/her records and charts, and discriminate between normal and abnormal findings, in order to recognize when to refer the resident to a physician for evaluation, supervision, or directions.
5. Perform administrative duties such as completing medical forms, reports, evaluations, studies, charting, etc.
6. Implement and maintain established policies and procedures relative to skin care treatments. Interpret these to the physician, resident family members, and public as appropriate.
7. Make written and oral reports/recommendations to the attending physician, Medical Director, or the DON concerning the status and care of the residents.
8. Agree not to disclose assigned user ID code and password for accessing resident/facility information and promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Administrator.
9. Agree not to disclose resident’s protected health information and promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Administrator.
10. Report any known or suspected unauthorized attempt to access facility’s information system.

Committee Functions:
Serve on the Interdisciplinary Care Plan Team.
Work with the Interdisciplinary Care Plan Team in developing a comprehensive assessment and care plan for assigned residents.
Serve on, participate in, and attend various other committees of the facility (e.g., Policy Advisory) as required, and as appointed by the Administrator.
Provide written and/or oral status reports of residents that you are treating.
Evaluate and implement recommendations from established committees as they may pertain to the medical activities of the facility and the skin care of residents.

Personnel Functions:
Cooperate with other personnel to achieve department objectives and maintain good employee, interdepartmental, and public relations.
Meet with and solicit advice from the Medical Director, Director of Nursing Services, and nursing staff concerning the dermatologic care of residents.
Maintain an effective, friendly working relationship with health professionals, physicians, consultants, and family members involved.
Report occupational exposures to blood, body fluids, infectious materials, and hazardous chemicals in accordance with the facility’s policies and procedures governing accidents and incidents.
Identify, manage, and treat specific skin disorders and primary and secondary lesions, such as skin abrasions, foot problems such as corns and callouses, decubitus ulcers, bacterial, parasitic and viral skin infections, scaling popular diseases, and benign tumors.
Provide assessment and diagnostic services to residents. Perform an assessment evaluation using techniques including observation, inspection, and palpation.
Complete a quarterly physical dermatologic examination on of the resident and record the results with the assessment.
Provide therapeutic services. Confer with the Care Planning Team in the development of the care plan.
Provide, within established protocols and under the supervision of the physician, treatment for uncomplicated dermatologic disorders as directed by the attending physician or Medical Director.
Ensure that residents with decubitus ulcers receive appropriate prophylaxis and treatment, such as daily inspection, turning and activity, a well-planned diet, and maintaining a clean, dry bed.
Give direct physical and psychological nursing care in emergencies, as well as in the presence of illness or disability in order to maintain life, provide comfort, reduce stress, and enhance the residents’ ability to cope.
Assist in the admission or discharge of residents.
Work with other health agencies and family members in the physical and emotional transitions of admission, care, and discharge of residents as necessary.
Assist in resident rehabilitation activities. Where required, perform range of motion, assist in ambulation and provide emotional support. Monitor the results of physical therapy activities.
Provide preventive health care services. Make recommendations to the resident concerning nutrition, prevention of common skin disorders, etc.
Provide information to resident and family members of prevention techniques and other ways to maintain or improve the general health and psychosocial status of the resident.
Report known or suspected incidents of fraud to the Administrator.
Ensure that departmental computer workstations left unattended are properly logged off or the password protected automatic screen-saver activates within established facility policy guidelines.

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the open position at Coryell Health. We would very much like to speak with you about this position.
To download an application, please go to www.CoryellHealth.org; click on the Careers tab to view open jobs. Find the posting that you are interested in and click on download the application in PDF.
On the application screen after you download it, you will need to click on the Tools tab, then click on the Fill and Sign, sometimes you have to click on Fill and Sign again and it will bring you back to the Application screen. Put your mouse over the Date and a small blue box will show up, then click on the box and you can start typing. You will need to click on each line you want to fill out throughout the application till you have completed it and signed it.
When filling it out, put down phone numbers for Three (3) personal references not related to you and all your work references’ too, with phone numbers as well. Sign it using an authentic e-signature program, or type your name and check off that you Agree to your name representing an e-signature. Save it in a separate PDF file prior to sending it on to humanresources@coryellhealth.org via e-mail.

If your application is not signed in all required fields and phone numbers are not present, I will send it back to get the signatures and phone numbers. I cannot submit the application without the phone numbers and signatures.
It is also required, if you have any type of Licensures or Certifications that are necessary for the job posting that you are applying for, you will have to send us a copy of that as well when you send in your application and Resume.
Please send all your information to: humanresources@coryellhealth.org.

Once I get your completed signed application, certifications/licensures and Resume, I will send it on to the department supervisor for their review.

We only keep applications for 12 months from the date that we receive them.

Again thank you for looking at us as a possible employer, and good luck with your job search.

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