Surgery: PACU – RN Full Time Sign on Bonus $10,000


Full Time:  Day Shift 8 to 5 M-F


Surgical Department

Job Description:

$10,000 sign on bonus for full time and one year commitment.
Summary: Also known as recovery room nurses, post-anesthesia care unit or PACU nurses care for patients who are recovering from anesthesia after surgery. They monitor post-operation vital signs, assess levels of consciousness, and carefully observe patients for any side effects from anesthesia.
We are seeking a dedicated PACU nurse to carefully monitor the condition of patients who are waking up from post-operative anesthesia. You will be monitoring levels of consciousness, measuring vital signs, and treating post-operative side effects of anesthesia medication such as pain or nausea.
To ensure success as a PACU nurse, you should possess experience in caring for post-anesthesia patients and the ability to function in a high-pressure environment. An accomplished PACU nurse will be someone whose expertise results in patients who feel reassured while safely recovering.
  1. Monitoring post-operative patients’ levels of consciousness during recovery from anesthesia.
  2. Measuring and recording patients’ vital signs.
  3. Closely observing patients for signs of side effects of anesthesia medication.
  4. Treating pain, nausea, and other post-operative symptoms of anesthesia.
  5. Updating charts, patient files, and medical records.
  6. Collaborating with the medical team on post-operative patient care and facilitating timely specialized interventions.
  7. Providing comfort and reassurance to distressed post-operative patients and concerned family members.
  8. Educating patients and their families on post-surgery care, as well as answering questions.

Job Qualifications:

  1. An Associate’s or Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN).
  2. Registered Nurse (RN) certification for the state of Texas or other state Compact License.
  3. Certified post-anesthesia nurse (CPAN) preferred.
  4. At least two years’ of experience as a nurse in a post-anesthesia care unit.
  5. Proficiency in electronic hospital management systems.
  6. Extensive experience in measuring and interpreting vital signs and levels of consciousness.
  7. Advanced knowledge of best practices in patient care.
  8. Exceptional interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills.
  9. Superb organizational and time management abilities.

How to Apply

Thank you for looking at our facility as a possible place for your future career path.
In addition to your resume, we also need an application completed with our organization.
Please download an application. Save this to your desktop with a different file name. Then when you open that file you can use the Fill & Sign features.
Complete the application using Adobe or print it out and fill it all in as much as possible.
Make sure you give us (3) Three Personal References not related to you and phone numbers.
We will need contact information from your Previous Employers or supervisor and phone numbers.
Please fax the application to us if you can’t save as a separate PDF to attach to an e-mail for us.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Download PDF Application