Patient Portal FAQ’s


Coryell Health is pleased to announce our new patient portal, MyCareCorner, which will be launched on June 29th.  If you’re registered with our current patient portal, please watch for an email invitation to create your new MyCareCorner account which can be accessed via your computer or the mobile app.  You’ll still have access to our current patient portal for historical information, but will need to switch to MyCareCorner on June 29th to access new medical information and messages.

With MyCareCorner, you’ll be able to access basic information from your personal health record such as vital signs, medical conditions, immunizations, medications and test results. You’ll also have the ability to view and send secure messages to and from your health care provider as well as request appointments.

Please contact our Registration Staff at 254-865-8251 for any questions.














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  • How do I access the mobile app?

    The portal is available by mobile app after you’ve completed the registration process. Download the PatientPORTAL by InteliChart app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The mobile app does not contain all the portal features, but you can view upcoming appointments, lab results, and medications. You can also send / receive messages through the app and access proxy accounts.

  • Can I access my child’s medical information on the portal?

    Yes, the patient portal allows adults to access patient portal accounts for their minor children and other adults. In order to maintain patient privacy, authorization forms must be completed and verified before portal accounts are linked. Account links for children are automatically revoked at the age of 18. Account links for adults can also be revoked upon request.

    The Minor Child Proxy Form, Adult Proxy Form, and Authorization for Release of Medical Information to Adult Proxy Form are available under the Forms tab of the portal. You will also need to provide a government-issued form of identification. You can send the completed documents to the Health Information Management Department via a portal message or by fax at (254) 248-6307. You can also contact HIM staff for assistance at (254) 248-6274.

  • How do I find my medical information on the portal?

    Future appointments and medication information are available on the Home screen. Click on “My Chart” to see information regarding medications, histories, vital signs, immunizations, and allergies. To see your laboratory results, click on Lab Tests under the “My Chart” tab.

    To find more detailed information, including Radiology Results, click on the Documents link under the “My Chart” tab. Under Clinical Documents, you will see your files. You may have more than one of these documents as a file is created for each clinic, emergency department and hospital visit, as well as those for outpatient labs and x-rays. Click on the file title to open the document. You will have several options available such as printing, downloading, or emailing. This document is not your complete medical record. If you need additional information, you can send a message to the Health Information Management (HIM) Department via the portal or contact them by phone at (254) 248-6274.

    It may take a few days for your test results to be available in the portal. Please contact your provider if you need immediate assistance.

  • I have questions about diagnostic testing – who should I contact?

    All Coryell Health providers have a message group for securely asking healthcare questions. Sending a message through the portal is an efficient method of communication, as all messages are answered within one business day. Additional message groups are available for general, billing and records inquiries, and patient feedback. Messages sent through the portal are protected with the same high level of security all healthcare organizations are required to follow. Messages sent through the portal exist only within your secure portal and the Coryell Health electronic medical record. It is strongly recommended to use the portal for messaging and to avoid using social media or texting to communicate or transfer information of any kind.

  • How do I send a message?

    At the top left toolbar, click on Messages. Click on “Compose a New Message.” On the “Location” drop-down arrow, select and click the location you would like to send a message. On the “To” drop-down arrow, select the department or person to whom you would like to send a message. Complete the subject line and click in the blank space at the bottom to type your message. You can attach a file by clicking the paperclip icon. Once completed, click “Send Message.” You can expect to receive a response within one business day.

  • Can I complete and submit forms online?

    Unfortunately, at this time, forms cannot be completed online. However, forms can be attached to messages by clicking on the paperclip icon within the message. Access available forms under the Forms tab.