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Your patient portal has changed.

Coryell Health is pleased to announce our new patient portal, MyCareCorner, which was launched on June 29th. If you were registered with our previous InteliChart patient portal, you should have received an email portal invitation to create your new MyCareCorner account which can be accessed via computer or the mobile app. You still have access to the InteliChart patient portal for historical information, but you will need to switch to MyCareCorner to access current medical information and messages.

With MyCareCorner, you can access basic information from your personal health record such as vital signs, medical conditions, immunizations, medications and test results. You also have the ability to view and send secure messages to and from your health care provider as well as request appointments.

To protect your privacy, Coryell Health staff must confirm your identity and issue a portal invitation to your chosen email account. Please contact our Registration Staff at 254-865-8251 for any questions or to receive a MyCareCorner patient portal invitation.

Getting Started

Patient Guide to Creating a MyCareCorner Health Profile

Adding Family Members to MyCareCorner Profile 

Sharing a MyCareCorner Record with Another Adult

If you have any changes or issues, please call us directly at (254) 865-8251.


Sharing Your Record