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Quality sleep is necessary for optimal health and can affect hormone levels, mood, and weight. As an accredited sleep center by the American Association of Sleep Medicine, Coryell Health Sleep Center understands sleep conditions can impact a person’s overall health, safety, and quality of life. Our team of medical professionals evaluates symptoms, then finds ways to help patients achieve a better night’s sleep and better quality of life.

To best diagnose patients, Coryell Health utilizes a sleep study called Polysomnography. This test records a patient’s brain waves, oxygen levels, heart rate and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements. Typically, patients will be asked to come to our Sleep Center in the evening so the test can record regular, nighttime sleep patterns. In addition to helping diagnose sleep disorders, polysomnography may be used to help adjust a patient’s treatment plan if he or she has already been diagnosed with a sleep disorder.

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