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Our Program

Coryell Health is committed to helping individuals improve their overall health and wellness by working with Ideal Protein’s science-backed, 3 Phase structured protocol that resets your body to burn its fat as its primary energy source. Our program is not just about losing weight, from day one it will empower you to learn healthier habits and make decisions that can improve your health and obtain lasting results. Our medically supervised weight loss and lifestyle management protocol features one-on-one coaching that will guide individuals through each phase of their weight loss and maintenance journey and educate them on their new healthier lifestyle.


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Meet the Coaches

Mardi Mason | Coryell Health Weight Loss Coach

Mardi Mason | Coryell Health Weight Loss Coach

55lb Weight Loss & Counting 2020

I have been overweight pretty much since birth, and Ideal Protein has been the only program that I have ever had success with. I eat plenty of food each day, and honestly some days it’s actually difficult to make myself finish all my food! (Strange, I know! Because this lady can eat!) Anyway, this isn’t my first round on IP, I actually managed to lose 63 lbs before my wedding in 2016. However, life happened and being newlyweds my focus shifted and I fell back into old habits. There were lots of changes and I allowed myself to put my health on the back burner yet again. Doing so caused my weight to climb right back up to my original start weight and actually go 3lbs higher making that my heaviest weight yet. I was blessed with the opportunity to start coaching again in January of 2021 for Coryell Health’s Ideal Protein office and decided it was time to reset my mind! I have been working with my coach weekly and have navigated this crazy pandemic with flying colors. I could have easily decided this wasn’t the right time and used this as an excuse to continue on my junk food path. I am so thankful I chose my health and decided I’m worth the effort! I am more powerful than I ever imagined, and so are you! If you’re ready to change your life, maybe the ideal protein is right for you! I’d love to help anyone that is interested.


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Contact Information

Coryell Health Medical Clinic
1507 West Main St., Building 1
Gatesville, TX 76528
Coryell Health Medical Clinic – Waco
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Waco, Texas 76710

Phone: (254) 404-2556




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What to Expect


  • A personalized approach to setting weight loss goals based on individual health profiles
  • A fundamental knowledge of nutrition and how your body gains and loses weight
  • Easy to prepare, affordable, and delicious foods and recipes
  • Lifestyle education, maintenance and guidance to help sustain your weight loss
  • One-on-one wellness coaching, to motivate, educate, and hold you accountable every step of the way
  • Social media access, daily online support with tips and recipes, videos, and more

To begin, each potential dieter will fill out an extensive Health Profile to make sure you are approved to be on the medically supervised protocol. Then our specially trained, dedicated coaches will walk you through each step of the protocol to make sure you fully understand the fundamentals of each phase. Once you have completed The Weight Loss Phase we then move you onto Stabilization. Following weight loss, the body fights to regain lost weight by increasing hunger and cravings, and by burning fewer calories. The purpose of stabilization is to adjust macronutrient intake (protein/fat/carbs) in the right portions to effectively manage hunger, promote greater satiety and maintain weight loss. Once we have your body happy and consistently maintaining we then move you into your last phase, Maintenance which is a yearlong. We see you monthly to make sure you’re applying all the knowledge you learned in the Weight Loss and Stabilization phases, and continue to encourage you to make smarter, healthier choices. Most dieters will need to do several Tune up’s during the first year of Maintenance, the process is very simple and easy to do as long as you are prepared for it. Your coach will walk you through each tune up, and be there every step of the way. With your lifetime connection with your clinic you will never have to pay another startup fee for any further needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Ideal Protein diet work?

    The three phases of the Ideal Protein Protocol are designed to help you set, achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. During the Weight Loss Phase of the Protocol, we limit carbohydrate intake to encourage the body to turn to its fat stores for energy. By eating Ideal Protein foods, the Protocol helps to sustain muscle mass while teaching you how to develop smarter eating habits and lifestyle choices, to help maintain your weight after weight loss is achieved.

  • Can I be on the Protocol if I’m a vegetarian or vegan?

    Vegetarians can follow the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol and can consume eggs, fish or tofu during their evening meal for their whole protein. As an alternative, vegetarians can have 2 Ideal Protein foods for dinner in replacement of their whole protein. Ensure you review the ingredient list on all boxes before purchasing them. Strict vegans, who do not consume any animal proteins and animal by-products, such as dairy products, honey and so on, do not qualify to follow the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol due to the many dietary restrictions.

  • How is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol different from other protein diets on the market?

    The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol addresses weight issues at their source; reducing carbohydrates and fats while ensuring adequate daily protein intake. In other words, the goal is to lose fat, not muscle. While on the Protocol, through personalized coaching, you’re also provided with healthier lifestyle education so that you are empowered to sustain your weight loss results over your life course.