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Neurologists are highly trained clinicians capable of diagnosing complex conditions through detailed history and physical examination, including testing of mental status, vision, speech, strength, sensation, coordination, reflexes, and gait. Our neurology team at Coryell Health believes the person as a whole must be cared for in order to facilitate a complete recovery or improve quality of life.

Common symptoms of neurological conditions:

Headaches – The average headache does not require a doctor’s visit, but if you are experiencing frequent headaches and using medication for them on a regular basis, a neurologist can help diagnose the type of headache and recommend pain reliving treatment.

Dizzy spells – Dizziness can be caused by many things. When you suffer from chronic dizzy spells that disorient you and make it hard to stand, it’s time to visit a doctor. Dizziness could be the result of Vertigo, which is a dangerous condition that makes it difficult to stand and could result in serious injury.

Seizures – A seizure is characterized by uncontrolled jerking movements in the arms and legs, loss of consciousness, and difficulty breathing. Neurologists are needed to help reduce seizure attacks and control symptoms with drug therapy.

Memory Loss – Some memory loss is expected with aging, but when it is accompanied with a sense of confusion or personality change then it may be an indicator of a serious condition like Alzheimer’s. Do not hesitate to see a doctor when you or your loved one’s memory problems result in sudden mood shifts.

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