5 Ways to Relieve Stress in a Changed World

Even as businesses begin to reopen, many activities are still on hold for Americans. Our lives are not the same as they were, and unfortunately, stress is one aspect that can continue to impact your life. You should always prioritize your mental and physical health. While you might not be able to pursue everyday methods of stress-relief, below are a few ways you can ease your mind.

5 Strategies to Beat Stress

1. Try Something New  

Physical distancing and restrictions, like restaurant and retail occupancy, can lead to frustration.  Pursuing a new activity or interest can break up the monotony and challenges and allow your mind to focus on other matters. Some possible options include cooking with unique ingredients, watching a new series, reading a book about an unfamiliar topic, learning an instrument, or adding new music to your play list.

2. Get Outdoors

Whether it’s gardening in the backyard or hiking at a local trail, getting outdoors is essential for balanced mental wellness. In addition to giving you a change of scenery, spending time outside is an excellent way to exercise. Physical fitness stimulates the production of endorphins—a hormone that helps with stress relief and pain management.

3. Enjoy a Hobby

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Whether you choose to draw, knit, write, solve puzzles, or play games, there are countless hobbies you can embrace at home and with your family. Relaxing with an activity you enjoy can provide an escape from overwhelming thoughts, as well as give you something to look forward to each day. With regular practice, you may notice many positive effects of stress management—such as reduced breathing problems, blood pressure relief, and lower fatigue.

4. Keep Talking

With physical distancing guidelines and travel restrictions still in place, it be easy for depression and stress to occur. That’s why people staying at home should make extra efforts to connect with loved ones. Schedule virtual game nights, have weekly video chats, or text throughout the day to stay social.

5. Take a Breath

When stress levels get too high, taking a break is one of the best ways you can recalibrate your heart rate and emotions. Even if you only do it for a few minutes, you should step away from other activities and relax in a comfortable position while taking deep, controlled breaths.

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