Coryell Health Furthers Illness Protection Plan

Coryell Health has been closely monitoring recent events related to the spread of the COVID-19 novel Coronavirus. To reduce the spread of this disease and similar respiratory illnesses, beginning at 7am, Friday, March 13, 2020, Coryell Health will expand its existing patient concierge services by screening patients and family members for potential risk factors of COVID-19 at the front door of each of our facilities. Patients that are at risk will be offered further evaluation in a convenient drive-through setting that also maximizes protection of patients and Coryell staff. Patients with acute needs will be referred to the emergency department. Clinic hours have not changed and all patients are encouraged to continue receiving care and arriving for appointments as previously scheduled.

For further protection, patients will be allowed to have one family member accompany them for acute care visits, procedures or hospitalizations during the hours of 6am-6pm, but other family and friends of our hospital patients and long term care residents have been asked not to visit during this time in order to protect them from potentially dangerous illnesses. Visits to long term care residents that are medically necessary, or in the case of hospice patients, will be allowed after approval and screening by staff. As always, the goal of Coryell Health is to provide the best possible care in an environment that is safe for our patients, staff, and the entire community. Thank you for your understanding and support in reducing the spread of illness.