Coryell Health Launches New Integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) Platform

Coryell Health has begun its rollout of the OracleCerner electronic health record (EHR) to drive efficiencies across the healthcare system. Integrating a new EHR will streamline access for healthcare providers and provide the community with a better patient care experience.

“This new technology will help solve ongoing challenges in healthcare by utilizing more reliable, intuitive, and useful tools to reduce complexity and help improve the caregiver and patient experience. This state-of-the-art technology will allow us to continue to offer the community a higher quality of care,” said David Byrom, CEO.

“After more than nine months of planning and training, Coryell Health will launch the first phase of the OracleCerner EHR implementation in the hospital, clinics and outpatient departments on March 28th. The second phase of implementation will include our senior living programs on June 27th.” said Mecca Starkey, Coryell Health Information Administrator and Cerner Implementation Project Manager.  “Instead of two separate systems, we will have one integrated EHR platform, providing seamless care of patients and residents within one clinical and financial record. The OracleCerner EHR will improve efficiencies with clinical documentation, medical information, registration, scheduling and billing.

Here’s a breakdown of just a few of the highlights:

–              It will improve patient safety by having an integrated system – all patient information in one place.

–              Medication reconciliation will be achieved in one system as patients move through service areas.

–              Surveillance tools are in place for high-risk protocols, such as sepsis.

–              One source for clinical and hospital financial data

My Coryell Patient Portal – a new patient-friendly portal- will able available soon. My Coryell portal will allow patients to securely message providers, request appointments, view and settle financial balances, and access their health history.

“Once the implementation of Oracle Cerner EHR is complete, all of our service lines, including our senior living, will utilize the integrated system,” said Heather Rambeau, Chief Nursing Officer for Coryell Health. “This upgrade will allow for an enhanced continuity of care while improving the patient experience through simpler coordination of treatment, more easily accessible medical records, and a streamlined patient billing process.”

Once the new electronic health record system goes live, clinic and hospital staff will provide registration information to patients for the new My Coryell Patient Portal so they can access pertinent health information. If medical records are needed during this transition, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Coryell Health Information Management at (254) 248-6274.

“Please be patient as we transition to our new OracleCerner EHR,” Starkey adds. “Our goal is to always provide exceptional customer service, and we believe the patient experience at Coryell will improve with the new EHR.”