Coryell Health Reopens Services- Schedules Surgeries

We have been closely monitoring the dynamic shifts of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community and have been working to prepare a thoughtful and measured approach to re-introduce non-COVID patient care services at Coryell Health. As far as we know, we do not currently have any staff, residents or hospital patients infected with COVID-19. We attribute this in part to the steadfast commitment of our staff in caring and serving our community.

COVID-19 will be part of our operating environment for the foreseeable future. Understanding this reality, we need to adapt so that we can function effectively in a world that is COVID-safe, as opposed to COVID-free. Therefore, we are actively adapting our systems and protocols to ensure that you, as well as our physicians and those we care for, are safe in that reality.

Maintaining Precautions

We have taken numerous actions to provide the safest possible environment for our employees, residents and patients in response to COVID-19. Our response plan has included multiple precautions, and it continues to evolve as the pandemic unfolds. These precautions, which remain in place throughout our organization to preserve a safe environment, include:

  • Limited entrances/access into our hospitals and clinics
  • Screening of our patients, physicians, and staff
  • Visitor restrictions
  • Management of supplies and PPE to appropriately protect our caregivers, residents and patients
  • COVID testing all surgical patients prior to the day of their procedures
  • Continued vehicle site testing of patients suspected of having Coronavirus
  • Following all social distancing recommendations

We also continue to stress effective preventive measures such as good hand hygiene, frequent cleaning of all surfaces, and a mask for all employees and patients at all times.


Visitor restrictions will remain in place for the time being to protect our employees, patients and resident population. Visitors will not be permitted in the facility unless they are the parent or guardian of a minor child, the caregiver or guardian of an incapacitated adult, or when death is imminent.

As we resume services, we will regularly evaluate our best practices to assess when and if procedural adjustments are necessary. Our willingness to adapt is a direct reflection of our commitment to providing the highest-caliber care. We value the confidence our community has in us, and we hold ourselves accountable to reinforcing that confidence in the days ahead.

– Coryell Health Administration

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