Pillar of Gatesville Medical Community Retires After Four Decades of Service

Tim Maynard, MD, retires after more than forty years of serving his patients and the Gatesville community as a family practice doctor.


Tim Maynard always knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Dr. Billy Joe Maynard, practiced in Crane for over forty-five years. So, in 1983, when Coryell Memorial’s Dr. Wendell Lowery, Dr. Bruce Watson, and Dr. Stephen Norris recruited him to join their practice in Gatesville, Dr. Maynard set out down the path toward fulfilling his dream to practice small-town medicine like his father.


Born in Crane, Texas, Tim graduated from Crane High School in 1972 and went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University. He earned his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Texas Southwestern in 1980. He completed his residency at the John Peter Smith Family Practice Program, followed by additional training at the Jefferson Davis Hospital Obstetrics High-Risk Training Program, which certified him to perform cesarean deliveries (C-sections).


During his forty years in Gatesville, Dr. Maynard provided care to old and young alike. He delivered over five hundred babies while helping adults battle chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. As a small-town physician like his father, he saw patients with different types of illnesses and injuries, even treating fractures and assisting with surgeries.


Dr. Maynard’s tireless approach to patient care led him to leadership roles throughout his career. He served as Chief of Staff and has been a board member of Coryell Health since 1987. “During his time on the Coryell Health Board of Directors he provided direction from his role as a physician,” said Coryell Health Board President Ronnie Sullins. “He provided invaluable guidance as we have built Coryell into what it is today.”


Dr. Maynard retires as a Board Certified Family Practice physician. “Dr. Maynard’s contributions to Gatesville, his patients, and Coryell Health are too numerous to count,” said David Byrom, Coryell Health CEO. “Dr. Maynard is a compassionate person, dedicated to his faith, family, profession, and patients,” said Byrom. “He has always served his community tirelessly. Very much a team player; his knowledge and wisdom have contributed greatly to Coryell’s growth. He truly treated the whole patient, and that is the legacy he leaves.”


Sullins reflects on Dr. Maynard’s career and his relationship with the family doctor, “Tim has been a great friend to me and has been my physician since he began his practice in Gatesville. He delivered my two oldest children at Coryell Memorial Hospital and oversaw the health of our family of five for many years. He will be sorely missed.” Dr. Maynard was known for being committed to each patient- giving the individual his full attention. Dr. Maynard has been a wonderful part of our healthcare system, and he never took that responsibility lightly, adds Sullins.


Dr. Maynard’s family and plans for the future…

Tim met his wife, B.J., in Plano, Texas. They reconnected in Midland, Texas, at a movie theater by chance, and the rest is history. While he was often busy caring for patients, he made time for his wife and two boys, Casey and Cody, coaching baseball while the boys were young and attending church. He served many years as a deacon and later an elder in the East Main church of Christ. Dr. Maynard and B.J.’s sons married- Casey to Jenna and Cody to Crystal- blessing them with six grandchildren. He plans to enjoy retirement with his wife and grandkids, spending time having fun, playing sports, and especially fishing.