4 Tips for Traveling Safely This Winter

COVID-19 has made traveling far more complicated, especially with mask-wearing and social distancing. Plus, getting tested at an urgent care facility or another medical provider is required by many states. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a vacation or make an essential work trip safely. Following best practices can prevent infection and keep you healthy.

How to Travel Safely During COVID-19

1. Check Local Requirements

Many states, cities, and municipalities have specific rules, requirements, and restrictions around COVID-19. Look them up before booking and again prior to leaving. They’re constantly being updated and changed based on positivity rates and other factors. For example, some states require you to show a negative COVID-19 test or prove that you’ve been in quarantine.

2. Travel by Car

travel by carTaking an automobile is the safest way to travel, as you can easily social distance. However, make sure to check for road closures and confirm your hotel reservations. If you need to take an airplane, air circulation can lower the risks. Still, try to book a non-stop flight, wash your hands regularly, social distance, and wear your mask diligently, making sure to cover your mouth and nose.

3. Pack the Right Supplies

In addition to your regular packing list, bring along pandemic-essential items. For example, take hand sanitizers, a thermometer, wipes, and extra masks. These products will be essential for keeping your hands clean, following local regulations, and checking for a temperature if you suspect that you’re sick.

4. Limit Indoor Time

Rather than eating in a restaurant, enjoy your meal outdoors or inside your car. In fact, it’s best to take along your own food and water. Also, stick with activities that can be enjoyed outside, such as hiking, fishing, swimming, sight-seeing in a car, or kayaking. If you rent any equipment, make sure to sanitize it before using it.

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