Executive Order Allows Elective Surgeries to Continue in Coryell County

According to Executive Order GA-32, there has been a restriction issued for trauma service L, which includes Coryell County, stating elective surgeries must be canceled. However, there is a stipulation in that order that states we do not have to cancel elective surgeries if we have available beds and adequate supplies. The news did not mention this detail, so we thought it was pertinent to inform our community of the guidelines allowing us to continue surgeries. At this time, we have beds and adequate supplies so we are not canceling elective surgeries. Coryell Health Medical Surgical Executive Council met and determined individual the surgeons may determine what cases are booked at this time. The surgical schedule is being evaluated daily to determine if changes are needed, with consideration of bed availability and supply lines. If you have questions about an upcoming surgery, please contact your surgeon’s office.