5 Symptoms of Asthma You Shouldn’t Ignore

Asthma is a chronic condition that causes inflammation and narrowing of the airways, and it is estimated to affect 1 in 13 Americans. While specific individuals may face a higher risk of the disease, it can affect anyone. Given this prevalence, everyone should know how to recognize the condition so they can seek proper care from a qualified physician. To help you avoid serious breathing problems, here are five common signs you should talk to a doctor about asthma.

5 Asthma Warning Signs Every Person Should Know

1. Shortness of Breath

Breathing problems—such as short, rapid inhales and exhales—are the calling cards of asthma. When people have asthma attacks, their airways swell or become congested, making it challenging to take normal breaths. In some cases, the inflammation may also lead to chest pain or tightness. These problems typically appear or worsen if the lungs are irritated—such as during allergy season or when you exercise.

2. Wheezing

When air cannot pass through the airways properly, it can lead to wheezing. Typically, wheezing causes individuals to whistle when they breathe. In other cases, respiration may sound faint or raspy.

3. Excessive Mucus Production

The body’s immune system responds to inflammation by producing mucus. Usually, mucus helps the body expel irritants from the lungs. But when you have asthma, excess mucus production will make you feel congested and unable to breathe.

4. Persistent Cough

An ongoing cough is a sign of many problems—including severe cold, flu, or strep throat infection. But if the problem persists for weeks or months—and gets worse at night when inflammation increases—asthma could be to blame. Some individuals may have a unique form of the condition, known as cough-variant asthma, which causes the individual to experience dry, non-productive coughing when exposed to triggers like pollen or cigarette smoke.

5. Ongoing Fatigue

When you have regular breathing problems, your body won’t get the oxygen it needs to replenish cells and support muscle function. As a result, you will likely feel fatigued and sore—even if you feel well-rested or haven’t been active.

Since breathing problems can occur for many different reasons, you may need to have your symptoms reviewed by a qualified physician. Coryell Health in Gatesville, TX, is staffed by specialists, our team can accurately diagnoses asthma using pulmonary function tests. Count on this compassionate team to simplify every step of your treatment plan so you’ll feel confident about using a rescue inhaler, nebulizer, or asthma maintenance medication. To learn more about the chronic conditions they treat—including allergies, diabetes, and arthritis—visit this clinic online. For appointments, call (254) 865-2166.