Considering Neck or Back Surgery?

There are many questions to consider before pursuing spine surgery. Is surgery necessary to treat the issue or would a non-surgical method be more appropriate? If surgery is required, is it better to have traditional spine surgery or minimally invasive spine surgery? What is minimally invasive spine surgery and how does it differ from traditional spine surgery? Dr. Lance Ellis, orthopedic spine surgeon at Coryell Health, can answer your questions and provide you a range of customized options. Dr. Ellis is accepting new patients and sees patients in Gatesville, Copperas Cove, Comanche, and Waco. At Coryell Health our pain specialists can also diagnose and treatment acute and chronic pain conditions with clinics in multiple locations. The discomfort caused by neck and back pain can disrupt your life and keep you from doing the things you love. Call us today to for an appointment at (254) 865-2166 or visit our website at