Coryell Health Welcomes Cardiologist

Coryell Health Medical Clinic is excited to welcome a well respected and seasoned Cardiologist to Coryell County. Dr. Abdul Keylani, MD comes from the Ft Worth area where he was Chief of Cardiology and where he trained recent cardiology graduates and maintained a large practice. He takes care of all aspects of cardiac patient care, from diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease, interventional stent placements, peripheral vascular disease and valve replacements with the TAVR procedure.
Dr. Keylani will be working in partnership with Waco Heart and Vascular to provide a full range of cardiology coverage and care to Gatesville and the surrounding area. They will focus on expanding access to quality cardiac care resources at home with the goal of keeping the patients in their local environment instead of having to travel back and forth to Waco and Temple for advanced cardiac care. Dr. Keylani will also oversee the opening of the first cath lab in Coryell County; a $2 million investment in our “big city medicine with a small town feel”.
“Expanding our existing cardiology program at Coryell Health is critical to maintaining access and choice in our community,” said David Byrom, CEO. “We are adding not just Dr. Keylani, but a whole team of physicians that have vast experience in the Central Texas region creating solutions to making cardiac care more convenient, efficient and focused on the long-term wellness of our patients without unnecessary travel.”
Coryell Health Cardiopulmonary offers comprehensive cardiac care services including nuclear stress tests, echocardiogram, TEE ultrasound, heart monitors, cardiac and pulmonary rehab, peripheral vascular evaluations and treatments (carotids, aorta, and extremities).

Dr. Keylani is accepting new patients immediately and is available to continue to care for patients already active in Coryell Health cardiopulmonary care.
To make an appointment or find out more, please call (254) 865-2166.