General & Bariatric Surgery Clinics Move to Building 1

General and Bariatric Surgery clinics will now be located in Coryell Health Medical Clinic, Building 1. Dr. John Bawduniak, general and vascular surgeon, and Dr. David Gochnour, bariatric and general surgeon, previously saw patients in Building 2, but as of Thursday, March 10th, they will be seeing patients in Building 1.  “The one constant at Coryell Health is our continued growth, as we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our patients. Rural residents deserve access to excellent healthcare and we are proud to deliver these services. Coryell will move local and regional healthcare to even higher levels of quality and accessibility by expanding locally based services, providers and locations. We now have three clinic locations on our Gatesville campus and will soon begin primary care services out of our Waco clinic,” said David Byrom, Coryell Health CEO.