It’s Never too Late for a Child’s Back-to-School Checkup

Whether your child is entering preschool, kindergarten or heading off to high school, the beginning of the school year is a good time to schedule your child’s annual physical.

“For a lot of families, the yearly physical is the only time they come into our office because their children are generally healthy otherwise,” said Diedra Wuenschel, DO, Coryell Health Medical Clinic Director and Chief of Medical Staff. “However, a back-to-school visit is very important. We include a head-to-toe physical exam, review a patient’s health history, and discuss any concerns about diet, exercise, sleep or school performance.”

The exam begins with checking a patient’s vital signs, height and weight, progress on the growth chart, and hearing and vision tests. Practitioners will also discuss immunization schedules with parents. If vaccines are warranted, they are administered after the exam.

“A sports physical can count as the yearly physical,” she said. “We check all the muscle groups and make sure the kids are fit to play sports, and we sign any necessary sports clearance forms,” adds Dr. Wuenschel.

Regardless of the age of the child, preventative care is essential to getting a healthy start to the school year and beyond.

“We encourage all parents to make that yearly well child appointment as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics,” Dr. Wuenschel said. “Even if your children are currently healthy, it’s important to maintain their health. A regular checkup at the start of the school year is an excellent start.”

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