Telehealth-Convenient, Quality Medical Care- Faster Than Ever, From Home or Anywhere!

In an effort to keep our community safe while providing continuous medical care, Coryell Health has launched telehealth. Changing the way patients experience healthcare, telehealth provides access to our medical providers from the comfort of home.

At Coryell Health Medical Clinic, telemedicine is used to:

  • Provide convenient access to medical services at home or assisted living facilities
  • Help patients see a physician sooner and save valuable time
  • Have medications electronically prescribed and sent directly to a pharmacy for pickup
  • Provide access to medical providers who can virtually diagnose and provide support to patients

The innovative platform enables physicians to provide patients with a continuum of care and clinical services virtually anywhere. Patients benefit by having convenient access to medical providers through a real-time video connection over secure Internet-connected devices (computer, iPhone, iPad, Android). The virtual program allows our clinicians to safely, confidentially and securely conduct consultations and discuss exam results, recovery plans, treatment options and even electronically prescribe medications — all from a remote location.

Don’t miss your doctor’s appointments, not get your prescription refills or get sicker. Call us today at (254) 865-2166 to schedule a telehealth visit with one of our medical providers.