Getting a flu shot protects you, your family, and your community.

The fall 2022 flu season may hit early and hard this year, so it’s best to get your flu vaccine as soon as possible.

Dr. Diedra Wuenschel, Coryell Health Medical Clinic Director and Coryell County Health Authority, is urging people to get their flu vaccines relatively early this fall.

“Every year, we try to guess when the flu is going to hit and when we should get our vaccines. Some people wait to get their flu shot until right before Thanksgiving in case they’ll be traveling over the holidays,” said Wuenschel.

Her advice: “Don’t wait. Get your flu shot as soon as it’s available.”

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Patients can receive their COVID-19 booster during the same visit as flu vaccine- in the opposite arm.

Wuenschel reminds people that it takes about two weeks after you get your flu shot for the vaccine to fully go into effect.

Getting your flu shot relatively early this year — in September or October — is the best way to brace yourself for what could be an early, virulent flu season.

“The flu vaccine will protect you for four to six months. If you’re a little off on your timing, that’s fine. It’s best to be early this year. If you get your shot too late, it just means you’re more at risk of getting the flu,” adds Wuenschel.

Coryell Health Medical Clinic- Gatesville, Goldthwaite, Moody, Waco and Temple are providing flu shots for walk-in patients. Monday- Friday, 8:30am-11:30am – 1:30pm- 4:30pm.

Coryell accepts most major insurance. Health plans usually cover a set of preventive services like shots and screening tests at no cost to the patient. Uninsured self-pay $35.