Travel Tips for Healthy Summer Trips

How To Travel Safely in This Day & Age

Whether you’re a regular globe-trotter or a once-a-year vacationer, odds are you haven’t been able to enjoy many trips in the last few years. That’s about to change because travel industry experts predict that summer 2022 will be the busiest travel season yet. 

Travel has essentially returned to normal, in tandem with the declining COVID-19 cases and subsequent hospitalizations. Many pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted, with the most recent being ending the requirement for passengers on U.S. airlines to wear masks. It’s predicted that 35% of people expect to travel more this summer than last, with about six in 10 Americans planning at least one trip.

With that said, travel costs are increasing, as evidenced by airline ticket and gasoline prices. So, how can you make the most of your summer vacation? International or domestic, plane or train, mountains or beach, the key is simple: plan ahead. 

  • Check the local restrictions to make sure you’ve prepared accordingly. If you’re visiting another country, remember that their restrictions sometimes differ from the U.S. Currently, U.S. regulations indicate that travelers must have a negative test result within one day of their planned return to the country. 
  • Weigh the options between staying at a hotel versus a private residence, depending on what level of cleanliness, privacy and amenities you’re looking for, in accordance to cost.
  • If you won’t have your own vehicle, decide whether you’ll rent one or opt for rideshare services. Keep in mind that the U.S. is experiencing an incredibly high volume of rental car shortages and flight cancellations. Depending on your destination, driving might be the most reliable choice. 
  • Double-check your passport to ensure it’s up-to-date.
  • Consider traveling in an RV. If you do, book all of your campsites well in advance. 
  • Pack snacks and entertainment. It’ll make the trip more enjoyable, especially if you’ve got little ones. 
  • Plan your route, particularly if you’re going on a road trip. It’s imperative that you’re familiar with the areas you’ll be driving through, especially those less populated with fewer options for pit stops. 

  • Find time to rest. Vacations can and should be relaxing, but it’s also important to pause afterward and settle back into your routine. 
  • Wash and sanitize everything you traveled with. While standard safety tips like washing your hands and avoiding high-traffic areas should be followed the whole time, it’s best to do a thorough cleaning of everything to be especially safe.
  • Remain hydrated and eat nourishing foods. Taking care of your body can be easy to forget amidst a hectic travel schedule, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run if you remember to take the extra step. 

If planning a trip seems overwhelming, you might want to explore the option of working with a travel agent. They can ensure you have everything you need and come prepared with unmatched knowledge and industry connections. Their expertise and financial protection often outweigh the initial costs in commission. 

Regardless of how and when you travel this summer, set yourself up for success. Make sure you schedule annual exams for yourself and regular check-ups for your kids.