Is Bariatric Surgery In A Foreign Country Worth The Cost?

Traveling south of the border has its perks. Sunny beaches, delicious food, and rich cultural history make Mexico a desirable vacation spot. But, when it comes to a life-changing surgery, is the bargain surgery worth the added cost? 

Visiting another country to obtain healthcare, known as “medical tourism,” creates a considerable amount of potential complications. If you’ve researched bariatric surgery, you’ve likely seen that a common trend for candidates – especially those looking to save money – is to have the operation performed in Mexico. While these procedures appear to cost less, the risk to your individual health and safety becomes a costly consideration. Further treatment is often needed upon returning, possibly amounting to thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.

  • There is no individualized patient plan and education, resulting in long-term complications after the surgery and unsuccessful long-term weight loss.
  • Mexico surgery centers do not have to adhere to the same guidelines as clinics and surgeons in the U.S. In the U.S., patients are protected by healthcare laws and practice standards.
  • Patients have to fly home before fully recovering from surgery, increasing the risk of developing pulmonary embolism and blood clots.
  • There is no nutritional counseling or follow-up care to monitor for malnutrition, which can lead to short- and long-term health problems, slow recovery from wounds and illnesses and vitamin deficiencies, which can cause hair and nail loss.
  • The inability for patients or families to take legal action as a result of harm or death.


Adding travel expenses, lodging, and time away from work, the cost of crossing the border for bariatric surgery adds up quickly.

  • Specialized care by a doctor trained in bariatrics and metabolic surgery
  • A medical team who will provide a customized care plan to meet individual patient needs
  • A comprehensive guide you and your medical team use to equip you with the knowledge needed to maintain a successful weight loss journey
  • Big city standard of medical expertise with a small-town level of care
  • No travel requirements before or after the procedure
  • Continued follow-up care and relationships with your healthcare provider

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