Coryell Health Offers Orthopedic Robotic Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons and the medical staff at Coryell Health are excited to offer an orthopedic robotic knee system, which brings together robotic technology with industry-leading knee implants to help surgeons personalize surgical procedures for their patients. Coryell is the first to use x-ray guided orthopedic robotic technology in the Central Texas area. The ROSA (Robotic Surgical Knee is a robotically-assisted surgical system designed to help perform total knee replacement surgery.  It includes features to assist with bone resections and assessing the state of soft tissues in order to facilitate implant positioning intraoperatively. Data provided by orthopedic robots assist with complex decision-making and enables surgeons to use computer and software technology to control and move surgical instruments, allowing for greater precision and flexibility during procedures.

“For everyone involved – surgeons, medical staff and, most importantly, patients – the orthopedic robot has the potential to offer a number of key benefits and advantages,” Jacob Battle, MD, Coryell Health Orthopedic Surgeon said. “We know the decision to have joint replacement is often a difficult one for patients to make, and we believe these robotically-assisted technologies have the potential to make it an easier one moving forward.”

“The orthopedic robot provides us with data throughout the surgery to help us know how to position your implant based on your unique anatomy. It really personalizes the approach to total knee replacement,” adds Lance Ellis, DO, Coryell Health Orthopedic and Orthopedic Spine Surgeon.

For more information on how patients may benefit from a knee replacement at Coryell Health, contact our medical clinic at (254) 865-2166.