Home Health - Betsy Clark

Patient Stories - Home Health: Betsy ClarkBetsy Clark, resident of Evant, TX, was struggling with a multiple sclerosis relapse and didn’t know where to turn.  A close friend, Linda, called David Myers, social worker at CMHS, to see what help could be provided.  Immediately, he put them in touch with Coryell Memorial Home Health and physical therapist, Katie Doyle. Betsy recalls her first visit, “When Katie first came to see me I had no feeling in my left leg and was falling because I couldn’t balance myself. I was also very scared because with MS you never know if a flare up is going to be permanent and I live alone. From the moment Katie walked in my door and introduced herself, I felt a sense of relief because it was clear she understood my disease.”  Betsy said she has received therapy in the past and was skeptical it could make a difference her in case. “I never had someone who was so knowledgeable about this neurological disease and in tune to my specific issues. She was so sweet and professional at the same time, getting me to do exercises without even realizing it. In the beginning it was tough, but she was very aware of what was going on with me and would change it up as needed,” recalls Betsy. Betsy says, “Katie would zero in on what was and wasn’t working and teach me how to properly use certain muscle groups. Betsy felt that within three weeks she could tell what a real difference the therapy was making. Betsy states, “Coryell Home Health aides were also coming out to check on me and help with meals. I have two grandchildren to keep up with and before, I didn’t know if I would even be able to play with them.  Now, thanks to Katie and the aides at Coryell Memorial Home Health, I am back cooking, gardening, sewing, and spending quality time with my family. I will always be grateful to Coryell Home Health for helping me get my life back.”