Diagnostic Radiology - Diana Hydrick

Dr. Dwyer’s diligence is why I am still here!

Diana Hydrick started getting routine mammograms at Coryell Memorial when she was 40 years old and two years later Dr. Dwyer noticed a spot on her test results and began to follow her more closely.  “When I came in for my 6 month follow up, Dr. Dwyer showed me a tiny dot on the screen. It was so small and impossible to feel. That tiny dot changed my life”, recalls Diana. “We did a biopsy with Dr. Norris and that is when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a difficult time but I was grateful we found it so early. I felt like Dr. Dwyer was really paying attention and his diligence is why I am still here”, said Diana.

After receiving her cancer treatment she was ready to come back to Coryell Memorial and get back on her routine mammogram schedule. “I can always feel more at ease coming here to get my mammograms. I feel like they really focus on me and I am not just a number. Misty Paniaqua, Digital Mammography Technician, is such a sweet heart and a professional and she makes me feel comfortable, even in uncomfortable situations.  I come back to Coryell Memorial every year for my annual mammogram and although I do have some anxiety about the results, I am confident that if there is anything to be concerned about, Dr. Dwyer will find it”, explains Diana.

When asked about her overall experience fighting cancer she says, “Cancer changed me as it does everyone’s life it touches. If I have any advice to give other women, it’s to get your yearly mammogram and don’t think you can find it yourself. Early detection can not only save your life- it can save your quality of life.”