Care Coordination - Mary Floyd

Mary Floyd joined the care coordination program in April of 2015. Her main concerns at the time were frequent falls, diabetes and COPD. “Dr. Clay recommended that I get help managing my uncontrolled diabetes, my COPD and I was falling a lot. That was when she put me in touch with Lauren, the Care Coordinator at Coryell Medical Clinic. Since then I am no longer receiving home health services because I have been doing so much better. I was worried about how I would manage without them, but I have realized that I don’t need them anymore,” said Mrs. Floyd. “Through collaboration with Dr. Clay, patient education, routine follow-ups and a team approach, we have been able to reduce complications related to COPD and diabetes”, said Lauren Shelton, RN, Care Coordination Director, “We are working to keep an open line of communication between myself, her specialists and her primary care physician.”