Your Well-Woman Check-up is More Important Than Ever

Your Well-Woman Check-up is More Important Than Ever

As a female, keeping up with routine medical exams is crucial. During these well-woman appointments, you’ll develop a better understanding of your body and health, allowing you to make knowledgeable decisions about your lifestyle. Below are a few benefits of these routine appointments so that you can schedule an exam at your local medical clinic with peace of mind.

3 Reasons to Not Miss Your Well-Woman Exam

1. Talk With Your Physician

Appointments consist of more than pelvic or breast exams. They also allow you to have an open conversation with a doctor about any questions or concerns you might have regarding your health or body. You can also discuss any recent changes in your health or habits to inform the physician if they should change any treatments or update your medical history. This ensures you can make informed decisions about contraceptive options and family planning. “Your doctor can better assess your symptoms if he or she is already well-acquainted with your overall health,” says Dr. Diedra Wuenschel, Coryell Health Medical Clinic Director. “The more familiar your doctor is with your health, the easier it is to notice a symptom that sounds unusually strange for you or identify when an abnormal lab result is more than just an anomaly.”

2. Allow for Early Detection

When you visit your primary care practitioner for exams regularly, you can detect women’s health issues early. For example, regular pelvic exams could make your doctor aware of developing pelvic support issues or sexually transmitted infections. During a Pap smear, they’ll also look for early warning signs of ovarian and cervical cancers. When a physician finds these problems early, they can begin treatment and give you the best chance to stay healthy.

3. Maintain Your Medical Regimen

For many women, taking prescription medication is a normal part of their health care routine. This might include medicines for birth control, cholesterol, or sexually transmitted diseases. However, the only way to access these supplies is to get prescriptions from a doctor. You may also need to change treatments if your current ones cause unexpected side effects. Since most physicians won’t provide or update medications without routine appointments, visit them regularly.

“I know going to your doctor’s office might make you nervous right now, but we’re taking every precaution needed to keep you safe,” adds Dr. Wuenschel. “Staying safe from COVID-19 is a priority right now, but so is your overall health.

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